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Advanced Registration

5 stars

"Brilliant App and is doing everything we need in terms of adding a manual verification process to our site. Legally, we have to limit certain users from seeing certain information on our site and this is app helps us to do that. It would be great to see a Captcha tool implemented as well in the future, so hopefully that's in the pipeline."

- Colgate Luminous UK

Talon Backups

5 stars

"Super easy to install, and provides seamless automated backups without the need for any intervention. Great app."

- SW-Motech UK
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Who made the apps?

Mostly me, Michael Manus. I'm a software developer from Seattle that's been writing code professionally for over 15 years.

I'm proud to be able to earn a living helping other small businesses compete in this increasingly big business world. Though I do sometimes have help with common questions, I'm often also the person that reads your message when you contact us.

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