custom ecommerce solutions


Marketing Automation

Whether it's through retargeting, shopping cart recovery, or just making sure search engines can find you. We'll implement a solution to help find your audience.

Inventory Management

Every business has individual inventory and fulfillment needs. Tailoring the software to your process can make you and your employees much more efficient, and happier. What gaps can we fill in your process?

Sales Optimization

The hard part is getting them to your store. Once they're there, let's help them find what they're looking for. We do this with a combination of recommendation engines, navigation enhancements, search, and whatever else your own store requires.

About Talon

We are technical experts first.

We're a lean, focused shop. No sales staff here. We know software, and we know ecommerce.

We'll help guide your business to the correct application of technology that makes sense for you.